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Things for Kids and Teens to Do This Summer

Kids and teenagers love summer but for their parents… it’s a bit of a different story.

It’s up to the parents to come up with holiday activities for their children, otherwise chaos will emerge. Children need discipline and rules, even during summer.

Even so, kids do need to rest.

Rest is very important for their well-being, but they are also growing and developing as individuals, their minds need stimulation.

It is a period of monumental transition that can offer challenges and delights as children start to embrace the approach of the tween years.

Through out adolescence (from ages 10 to 19) kids and teenagers test social boundaries, learn new skills, meet new people and start to independently discover the world around them. It is very important to support your child and provide opportunities to learn and explore during this monumental time.

Every child is different, we understand that, so not all activities will be met with an equal enthusiasm but we tried to come up with a list of activities that would appeal and stimulate different temperaments and also be a great way to bond with family and friends:


This is the best place for kids and teenagers to start learning independence and to grow as an individuals. There are different types of camp:

  • City Camp type. Usually day camps. Kids spend part of the day at the camp but sleep at home.

  • Camping type. Usually located outside of the city. Kids are there 24/7 .

  • Scout type. Usually has the least comfort. Everyones lives in tents, makes their own food and has to work on their survival skills.

Camps are a great place for social development. Of course there are tons of activities and events organised for kids but it’s the social environment that plays the main role. At home and school the social hierarchy has ben already established and it is difficult to break out of it. In a camp kids are surrounded by mostly unfamiliar peers which allows them to come out of their shell and be a different version of themselves that is not constrained by already established rules and positions.

In our 18 years of experience we’ve seen more than one case of a “shy” child who just in a few days becomes a “leader” child.

If you want to change your life, change your environment!

Bellnor Summer Camp English camp learn english camp for kids and teenagers summer 2022


Great way to bond with your child or for them to learn something new, no matter what age.

If you have younger kids (or older ones who love yoga) take them with you to a yoga class and who knows maybe it will develop into “your thing”. In case of lack of such options in your area, you can always just have a training session at home with Youtube videos or find another sport that you could do together, like swimming .

If your kids are older then just ask them what sports would they like to try.

Trying out different sports during summer is not only a fun activity but also can help your child to realise what she/he likes or doesn’t like, so when the time to sign up for different extra curricular classes comes around it will be a well thought through decision.

sports for kids and teenagers yoga archery summer camp

Have a picnic or a BBQ (or allow your child to host)

Nothing brings people together like food!

Picnics and BBQs can be equally fun for kids as well as for adults. Let your child help with the preparations, like picking out the colour theme, preparing food or decorating your garden. Active participation in a common task will help them to become an involved member of your family whose opinion is heard and who has a say in matters. In a sense this is an introduction to team work and co-operation.

If you have older kids allowing them to host a picnic or BBQ can be a great way to introduce them to independence and responsibility.

You will need to help them but remember it is their event, you can help and advice but they should be making the final decisions. Plus this is a great way to start teaching them about budgeting.

Learn something new

Summer is a great time for that! Sign up your kids for different classes, take them to museums and workshops. Allow them to explore their interests without pressure of achievement and results. This will help your child to learn what they actually like, what actually interest them and meet other people who have similar hobbies.

learn something new arts and crafts for kids and teenagers bellnor summer camp

Make a movie

Since now pretty much everyone has a phone with a camera anyone can make a movie. Give your child a creative challenge, for example make a 10 min movie about your summer or make a movie about your family. You can help your child with editing and also take part in the movie making process. Kids strongly benefit from having a creative outlet for their ideas but very often they just don’t know how to express themselves so they never try.

Film making editing Bellnor Summer Camp what to do with kids and teenagers during summer

Have a water balloon fight

For a good old water balloon fight you need a hot summer day and space to run around (outside) preferably away from houses, so no windows will get smashed.

This is fun and silly activity for people of any age but if you will join in on the fight your kids will cherish this fun memory for ever.

Water balloon fight Bellnor Summer Camp summer activities fun game learn english

Art and Crafts

You should always have a few rainy day activities up your sleeve. There are a lot of instructions and guides on how to make anything online, so if you don’t have the slightest idea how to make slime; Google will help with that.

arts and crafts at Bellnor Summer Camp slime making  fun DIY activity

Capture the Flag

Best team game that there is, right? You can find the rules online or you can register for Bellnor Summer Camp 2022 and play it with us just in a few months.

capture the flag at Bellnor Summer Camp team game for kids and teenagers


Grab your star constellation map and head out outside to find Ursa Major ... if the weather allows of course. You can also add a little bonus and teach your child about the myths and stories behind those stars.

Stargazing in Bellnor Summer Camp Activities for kids

Start a scrapbook or/and journal

Scrapbooking or/and journaling are a great way to work on your creative skills and learn more about yourself but also capture memories of your summer. Not to mention that this activity improves your memory and is also a form of meditation.

Scrapbook Bellnor Summer Camp arts and crafts for teenagers

Here are just a few general suggestions. You should personalise summer activities based on your child’s likes, dislikes and development but most importantly YOU should be involved in those activities. Memories you will make with your kid will last forever and help to establish a strong bond between you.

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