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About Bellnor Summer Camp


Bellnor Summer Camp was established by Bellnor Ltd in 2004, since then every summer we have welcomed kids from all over the world who want to improve their English skills, make new friends and have a fun summer.

Bellnor International Summer Camp is located in Varemurru Holiday Centre on Matsi beach

60 km from Pärnu and 160 km from Tallinn.

Kids will have English lessons and whole afternoon and evening filled with activities that are organised in English. All our teachers are native English speakers and they are chosen and invited to our summer camp.

Over the years we have welcomed kids from all over the world. We have had students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Finland, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, and USA.

Our main goal is to help children to improve their language skills and introduce them to an international environment where they could put those skills in to practise and grow their confidence.

Our mission is to show and teach kids acceptance, tolerance and open mindedness through camp activities and international environment.

Our camp will begin 13.07.2024 and will end 20.07.2024. It is intended for teenagers from 9-17 who have studied English for a year or longer. Language lessons take place every morning from 9:00 till 13:00. Children study in groups formed according to their English language level defined by the result of the language test. 

Reasons you should join us this summer:

  1. You have an opportunity to take you English to a new level

  2. Gain new friends from all over the world

  3. Teaching is performed by professional native speakers

  4. There will be many sport, cultural and entertaining activities and excursions

  5. Memories you will never forget!

Native English Teachers

English language lessons

Fun afternoon and evening activities

New friends from all over the world

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