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Study English and make friends! Camper answers questions - Kristina, Russia

Camps bring people together and Bellnor Summer Camp is no exception. Campers return year after year to see their international friends and to have a fun activity packed holiday.

We’ve reached out to a number of campers, who would annually come to our camp but due to being 18+ now are busy with Universities and their careers, to answer a few questions about the camp, so new campers would have a better idea of what awaits them :)

Kristina, Russia

Your best memory(ies) of the camp?

I really like the camp’s timetable, there is a lot of freedom and time to spend with friends. Food in cafeteria is delicious and houses where children live are comfortable.

What has been your favourite activity/event at the camp and why?

I like all evening shows because they bring lots of positive emotions

What makes(d) you come back to the camp?

Basically, my friends. Bellnor Camp is the only place where I can be with my friends day and night.

What would be your advice to someone who is coming to the camp for the first time?

Do not be afraid to speak English, try to as communicative as possible, try to make friends once you come.

What did you learn/take away from the camp? (Skills, confidence, friends etc)

I made a lot of international friends with whom I keep in touch. Camp let me know about different cultures, languages and traditions.

Kristinas favourite picture of the camp is a picture of her friends in their cabin

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