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Friends, Summer Camp and English - Makar shares his story

We’ve reached out to a number of campers, who would annually come to our camp but due to being 18+ now are busy with Universities and their careers, to answer a few questions about the camp anyone coming for the first time would have a better idea of what awaits them :)

Makar has been coming to Bellnor Summer Camp for 7 years in a row and while he is starting a new chapter in his life he agreed to look back at those years at the camp and share a bit of his experience.

1. My best memories from of the camp

I think all seven years of the camp is one big joyful memory. I really like every activity in the camp and participation in each of them always leaves only positive emotions. But I think my best memory is that I met a large number of very friendly and positive people.

2. My favorite activity/event at the camp?

My favorite activity is capture the flag, I like this game so much! It’s super funny and active game.

Also I really like karaoke night! I think all people are very happy to sing their favorite songs during this event. But other activities are not inferior to them in the fun and positive received on them!

3. What makes me come back to the camp?

I think the atmosphere of the camp and the most friendly and positive people is what makes me return to it again and again. This camp leaves me with only pleasant and warm memories.

4. What would be my advice to someone who is coming to the camp for the first time?

Well, my advice is to be as open as possible and participate in all events! Also gets to know all the people in the camp and all the supervisors.

5. What did I learn/take away from the camp?

Firstly, I have improved my level of English. Secondly, I met a lot of very good people. Also I became more sociable and open person thanks to the camp.

I think everyone can get something new and useful after spending time in this camp.

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