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Friends and great teachers is why I come back to Bellnor Summer Camp - Jessica shares her experience

We’ve reached out to a number of campers, who would annually come to our camp to answer a few questions about their experience, so anyone coming for the first time would have a better idea of what awaits them :)

Jessica has been coming to Bellnor Summer Camp for a few years and has become a big part of our community. We asked her to share a little bit about her time with us at the camp and to share a few photos that have some meaning to her.

My best memory of the camp

I'd say that the camp is one big memory of how everyone talked, tried pranking the supervisors and walks on the beach. Lessons are always fun and cozy.

What has been your favourite activity/event at the camp and why?

Each event brought its own emotions, my favourites probably were volleyball and a game with the flag.

What makes(d) you come back to the camp?

Memories and emotions pull back every year. The teachers play a big role in why I come back too! And I also want to see friends whom I can see only once a year at the camp.

What would be your advice to someone who is coming to the camp for the first time?

The main thing is not to be afraid to speak English and just be friendly with everyone.

What did you learn/take away from the camp? (Skills, confidence, friends etc)

My knowledge of grammar and vocabulary increased, as well as the ability to socialise in English.

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