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About Bellnor Summer Camp


Bellnor Summer Camp was established by Bellnor Ltd in 2004, since then every summer we have welcomed kids from all over the world who want to explore European Culture, make new friends, dance and have a fun summer.

Bellnor International Summer Camp is located in Varemurru Holiday Centre on Matsi beach, 60 km from Pärnu and 160 km from Tallinn, in Estonia.

Our camp, held in an international environment, is the perfect option to prepare your child for the globalizing world. Your child will improve social skills by meeting children from different nationalities and cultures and gaining more knowledge about European culture.

Over the years we have welcomed kids from all over the world. We have had students from Estonia, United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, and USA.

Summer Camp is a fun-filled, project-based course designed around creative activities, dancing, and cultural knowledge that will inspire your child, improve social skills, and build their confidence.

During the camp, kids will have different activities and participate in dance masterclasses. Each day is filled with various sports and entertainment activities in English, such as games, talent shows, karaoke, theatrical evenings, dances, TV shows, parody nights, and more. Emphasis is placed on engaging outdoor activities, making new friends, and having fun together.

Our mission is to show and teach kids acceptance, tolerance and open mindedness through camp activities and international environment.

Our camp will begin 13.07.2024 and will end 20.07.2024. It is intended for teenagers from 9-17.

Benefits of Bellnor Summer Camp:

Lessons about culture, history, and dance

The learning process becomes more fun and interesting

New experiences (we have different workshops every day)

Improving and developing social skills

New friends

Kids gain self-confidence

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